Wouter Steenkamp (Tiny) was born in the small dusty Northern Cape of Vryburg and moved to Johannesburg at 6 years of age.

His singing voice at boarding school started him off on his theatrical career and he has been singing and performing all his life.

In the fifties, his singing teacher suggested he goes to the U K for further training which he did.

The first thing he had to do was to change his name because the British could not pronounce his Afrikaans names.

Hugo Warren sang on many stages and acted in film and TV all over the United Kingdom.
In the 3 years he spent there. One of the highlights being a stint at the famous London Palladium,

On his return to South Africa he produced Gang Variety shows for 13 years for the Boy Scouts. When this became too expensive for the Boy Scouts to keepĀ  up, he started entertaining the elderly by visiting retirement homes to give them joy with the songs of yesteryear..

During one of these visits Hugo was struck by a very old spine injury and has had difficulty in moving around since, eventually landing up in a wheel chair today which is not stopping him from painting and singing.

Hugo originally started painting in water colours but soon found oils were more satisfying to him.

Later he was introduced to acrylics and this has become his favourite medium, specialising in finger painting and concentrating mainly on landscapes, seascapes, wildlife.